Alex’s VB48(ish) Flow-Through Bin

I always enjoy learning about the different ways people adapt the VermBin Series Plans to suit their particular situation (available resources etc). A couple weeks ago VB plans customer, Alex Williams, sent me an email with some images of his version of the VermBin48.

Here is what he had to say (along with some additional photos):

Hi, just a quick email to say thanks for the VermiBin plans. I had to adapt them a little as I didn’t use the exact materials you suggested! Instead I recycled just about everything. The main structure is made from old decking which was a little bigger than 4×2 but not a problem, the outside is made from old fence panels and the lats for the false bottom are decking panels that have been split. Just thought you might like to see how adaptable your plans are. The only money I’ve spent is buying plastic boxes for the catch trays.

I really like the look of Alex’ bin (those aged fence boards have a lot of character), and love the fact that he was able to create the bin entirely with scrap wood!

*** Attention VB Series Customers ***

Just as I have done for the “RWC Worm Inn” community, I have also created a brand new private Facebook group for the VB Series community. This is going to be an excellent way for members to get to know one another, and to share information, photos etc. It is completely private, so only members can see what is being posted. If you would like to get involved, simply drop me an email and include “VB Facebook Group” in your subject line.

If you are not yet a member…whadya waiting for? Join in the fun today!

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    • John Duffy
    • July 16, 2014

    Great job re-purposing your building materials! Best of luck with your new worm bin. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun raising worms… It can be addicting.
    Bentley is a great teacher and always has good advice.

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