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As I mentioned previously, I was actually intending to create another full-fledged site dedicated to vermicomposting videos. Suddenly it dawned on me yesterday that this is not only unnecessary (since I’ve determined that my bandwidth limits are sufficient), but it may actually lead to more confusion! As such, I’m pleased to announce that the new video section will in fact be incorporated into the Red Worm Composting site – you’ll find videos made by others posted on our blog (under the ‘videos’ category), and my own videos linked to on the worm composting videos page (you’ll see more activity there very soon). All your vermi-entertainment under ONE roof! I do have another composting/gardening/enviromental website in the works but that won’t have any impact on what’s going on here (and I’ll share more about that before to long).

Ok with that out of the way, let’s get to some worm composting videos!!

I’ve written previously about Worm Power (RT Solutions) – the cool worm castings and tea company, based in Western New York. Well, little did I realize there are actually videos up on YouTube all about Worm Power and the work they are involved with.

Promotional video for Worm Power, which includes a very interesting bit about disease control with vermicomposts. Allison Jack, a PhD candidate in Plant Pathology at Cornell University, shares some of her findings in terms of the suppressiveness of worm composts against plant diseases.

This video seems to be part of a show on the History channel, and provides lots of interesting information about how RT Solutions makes their high quality worm castings (from pre-composted dairy manure) in their flow-through reactors.

Worm Power in the news!

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