Breathable Bucket System #2 – Late February Update

Yep – I realize it is March! The video above was actually recorded last week – it’s just taken me a little while to get around to writing a blog post update.

This was a very breathable (4 vent) bucket system set up early in November 2019. I won’t claim to have added heaps and heaps of kitchen scraps to this bin over the past few months – but it certainly hasn’t been completely neglected either.

Temps are always quite cool in my basement, but progress has still been quite good. The original “19 worms” (+ cocoons) population seems to have grown quite a bit, and everything looks and smells nice and earthy. I continue to be impressed with how well these vents work for aeration – which reminds me, I really do want to test them out in a more typical worm bin fairly soon as well.

Something I forgot to mention in the video is the fact that my carton lid vents (pretty sure it is 3 of the 4 – the other one being a cap from a lemon juice bottle) have held up OK so far. Something discussed in the comments section of one of my other breathable bucket posts was the possibility of these not being as ideal as the more typical (rigid plastic) bottle caps. I guess we shall see over the long-haul, but so far so good.

I will be interested to see how my buckets perform A) as temps in my basement get warmer, and B) with a bit more of a regular feeding schedule.
Stay tuned

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