My Worm Inns Are Here!

The Worm Inn

As I mentioned in my last Worm Inn update post, I ordered a bunch of Inns to sell up here in Canada. I am happy to report that they have arrived!

My beautiful camo ‘tester’ (the one Robyn included for free) was nestled in on top of the rest – just begging to be taken out and put into action. I haven’t yet set it up, but I thought I would take some pictures for fun anyway.

The Worm Inn

I immediately tested out the front pocket to see how well it would work as a fishing rod holder and was quite pleased with the result!

All joking aside, my first impressions of the Worm Inn are very favourable indeed. It was larger than expected (and you may recall that I was already surprised how big it was when I saw Robyn’s photos with her friend standing next to it), and it looks like it was put together very well – definitely looks like something high quality you would buy from a store, not something homemade.

I can’t wait to really put it to the test – looks like I could even get away with putting several pounds of worms in it. Not sure I’ll go that crazy, but you can be sure that at least 1 lb of worms will be going in!

Anyway – I will definitely keep everyone posted!

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  1. Ha ha!! this is so great.
    I was just wondering today if those guys made it to the far north! Glad they arrived in good shape. Yes, I’ll be interested to hear of your experiences with it. Mine is still doing great – but I’ll look forward to knowing what the Real Vermicomposter thinks!

    • Bentley
    • October 15, 2008

    Hi Robyn – yeah they actually arrived last week but I had already left for Thanksgiving Weekend (earlier up here than in US).
    The ‘Real Vermicomposter’, eh? We’ll see – I’m sure I can figure out some new way to screw things up.

    • Jon
    • October 15, 2008

    Hey Bentley,
    I wanted to let you know I also bought a worm bin from Robyn. I have had it set up for 1 week, no smells, and no drippage yet. I am still learning what the best moisture level should be. I had a bucket set up like your system and I got gallons of worm tea every month built up the bottom, so I’m trying to keep this one much more dry! Although, I worry about the moisture being too dry for the worms….when I stick my finger into the bottom opening, the bedding is bone dry, telling me the moisture up top hasn’t reached the bottom level of bedding…I guess I’ll figure it out with practice and trials.

    Here is my old bin
    I will be taking pictures of Robyn’s Worm Inn and posting them soon!

    Good luck with the new experiment!

  2. It’s fun for me to know these bags are going to the far corners…well almost. Bags have been sent to Canada, Vermont, Oregon, Texas and places here in Colorado. A good friend in Denver is using the system in her science class at the school where she teaches.

    Glad you have your bag set up, Jon. I spray my system down every few days, and with the food waste content added in about once a week, the system seems to stay moist enough. But it did take some experimenting. I’ll look forward to seeing your pictures and hearing how it goes for you!

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