Wooden Flow-Through Bin-06-14-12

I thought I’d share a quick update for my new wooden flow-through bin. As is often the case with my projects (especially this time of year), things have been progressing a bit slower than planned with this bin. I ended up taking it with me for a workshop I was giving several weeks ago, and I stocked it with some Red Worms as part of the demonstration – but I’ve done very little with it since then.

Yesterday I decided to start getting things back on track by adding some frozen-then-thawed food waste (1.306 kg / 2.88 lb) along with some “living material” and shredded cardboard. I also added the second level so I’d have more space for the materials being added.

I definitely want to add some more worms to the system and get into more of a regular feeding schedule so I can really test it out the way it was intended to be used.

I’ll aim to post another update sometime next week.

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