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Cardboard Rolls - Perfect for the Bin!

Over the years I’ve developed my ‘eye’ for compostable materials. If it’s biodegradable at all there is a decent chance it will end of in the bin (with the exception of those items earmarked for the recycling bin).

Cardboard in particular is a favourite material of mine. I tend to recycle coloured cardboard (ie cereal and cracker boxes etc), but anythying brown or gray get’s shredded and used for bedding. Worms seem to absolutely love it and it definitely helps to maintain balance in the bin.

One source of cardboard that I think most people overlook are cardboard rolls – typically associated with toilet paper and paper towels. I highly recommend you start collecting these in your household – I think you will be amazed by how many of these things can pile up over several months.

Not only will you be reducing the amount of organic waste that goes to the landfill, but you will also have yourself a great carbon-source for the bin. Admittedly, cardboard rolls are not as ideal as corrugated cardboard or the gray cardboard from egg cartons or drink trays (since they are not nearly as absorbent), but thats ok! Simply snip them up and mix them in with your other bedding materials.

The next time you hit the end of the roll, don’t be so quick to toss that tube! Your worms and the environment will thank you for it!

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    • Ron Krentz
    • June 14, 2013

    I have a paper schredder that cuts the paper into tiny squares. Would this be okay to use in the worm trays?

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