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Worm Composting – The Fundamentals

Hi Everyone,
On a whim, I created a new video this afternoon. As the title implies, the aim is to provide an overview of the fundamentals of worm composting. It all started with me playing around with my favorite mindmapping software (Freemind). I love using this software since it’s a great way to get ideas out of your head and organized in a “big picture” manner.

This will probably seem like a bit of a dry offering in comparison to some of my other (more visually-appealing) videos, but hopefully it will serve as a good lesson for those just getting started, or thinking about getting started. In fact, I plan to add it to the “Getting Started” page for that exact reason.

Keep in mind that this was created for a YouTube audience – hence my mention of the Red Worm Composting website (obviously everyone watching the video here will be more than familiar with the site – haha).

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Written by Bentley on February 17th, 2010 with 10 comments.
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Get your own gravatar by visiting Mark from Kansas
#1. February 17th, 2010, at 10:26 PM.

That is an excellent video!

Get your own gravatar by visiting Mike Walsh
#2. February 18th, 2010, at 12:17 AM.

This is what every newbie to vermicomposting needs! Well presented and easy to understand. Thanks for sharing.

Get your own gravatar by visiting Bentley
#3. February 18th, 2010, at 1:12 AM.

Wow – thanks guys!

I’m planning to make an expanded version to post directly here on the site (ie I won’t be limited by the YouTube 10 minute rule)

Get your own gravatar by visiting Karen
#4. February 18th, 2010, at 3:26 AM.

Thanks for the informative video! My husband just built us a worm composting bin and this was some good information for me to learn exactly how this thing works!

Get your own gravatar by visiting Igor
#5. February 18th, 2010, at 8:54 PM.

Great video

Get your own gravatar by visiting Nanette
#6. February 21st, 2010, at 3:06 PM.

I’m a newbie and appreciated the overview. Since you are making an expanded version, can you talk about:
-How much bedding to worms to food waste-ratio?
-What types of food waste can be put into the system eggs shells? Bread? or just veggies and fruit
-How often and how much food waste can you put in a system?
-Using the flow through system, do you just layer the new food waste on the top?

Thanks Bentley.

Get your own gravatar by visiting catherine
#7. February 24th, 2010, at 8:19 PM.

Great mind map- i love free mind- would lose my own mind wihtout it!!
I have a mind map about vermicomposting in progress as well- amazing the similarities and differences!

Get your own gravatar by visiting Bentley
#8. February 26th, 2010, at 4:03 PM.

Thanks everyone!
Nanette – I will certainly aim to cover some of those topics, although it may be a bit beyond the scope of that type of presentation to get into ALL of that (I DO however have another project idea that may help in that department, so thanks for the suggestions).

Catherine – we should compare notes sometime!

Get your own gravatar by visiting yoder
#9. February 28th, 2010, at 12:30 AM.

awesome video. thank you.
I, too, would be interested to hear of some standard ratio, by volume, say, of straw-to-scraps, or manure-to-scraps… so that i could add both at once and not worry about getting it too mucky…
hey bentley — you forgot to mention your trenches. also, you forgot to mention that you don’t need a container for worms at all unless there are predators around (raccoons, moles, any others?). I have a “worm pile” that has grown to be about the size of your wooden box. when the sun’s out, I just put more straw on top.
oh, one more: i say DO worry about the colored inks in newspaper in terms of your health, seeing as how nobody seems to know what they’re made of. however, the founders of my red worm population survived their first months here in a bedding made from color newspaper and phone book pages, shredded up in a chipper. What I mean to say is that the chemicals may harm you and me, but the worms will survive them.

Get your own gravatar by visiting Bentley
#10. March 11th, 2010, at 2:51 PM.

LoL – there was no “forgetting” involved, Yoder! As it was, I had to do multiple takes just to squeeze all that into 10 min (the max limit for YouTube). I’m sure I could create essentially the same video and jabber on for hours about everything under the sun relating to worm composting (and like I said, I DO hope to create an expanded version of this one, to post here on the site), but my aim was to create a “quick and dirty” overview.

Thanks for the reminder about the open systems – definitely important to at least mention those in the expanded version!

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