Worm Inn Mega – 08-13-14

Wow – already 2 weeks since my last update (lots on the go these days)! As I mentioned in an update to that post (written a day later), I added another 7.4 lb of food, plus a thick layer of moistened shredded drink tray cardboard. This left the system “officially” full (cardboard was basically touching the screen lid).

As you can see, the level in the system has dropped a fair bit since that time (even more so than the image seems to indicate). What’s really interesting is that the fruit flies and gnats (aka “flying annoyances”) I talked about last time have all but disappeared. I couldn’t see any up at the screen just before opening it for a closer look.

Digging around in the system I observed loads of worms, very little in the way of recognizable food waste, and conditions that were definitely on the dry side. Unlike last time, I may need to add some supplemental moisture from time to time to keep things humming along nicely. Although, that being said, it IS important to remember that it has basically been 2 weeks since I last added any water-rich food wastes.

I have some wastes thawing out as I type this, so I should be back into feeding mode by tomorrow morning.

On a related note…

RWC regular, and Worm Inn user, John W, posted a really cool video in the Facebook group showing the densities of worms he is getting in his system (where he has been using a similar feeding strategy as myself). Insane! Puts even my previous “optimized” densities to shame!!

If you are already a member of the group (and logged in), here is a direct link:

If you are not a member of the group yet and want to get involved, simply visit the RWC Facebook group and click “join”. Once approved you can access the video via the direct link posted above.

*** UPDATE – 08-14-14 ***

I added about 5.7 lb of food to the system today (along with the usual “living material” + bedding). I will admit to doing a little bit of “optimizing” this time – in the form of chopping – since the food materials were bulkier than normal (some really big chunks not cut up at all). I also mixed in some bedding materials (not included in weight) because there was a lot of liquid released during the thawing process.

Also…John was nice enough to upload is crazy-worm-density video to YouTube (thanks John!), so I have embedded it here:

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    • Paul from Winnipeg
    • August 13, 2014

    Hi Bentley, any chance of getting that video posted where those who won’t go on Facebook can see it?

    • Bentley
    • August 13, 2014

    Good question, Paul! I will see if John can upload it to YouTube.

  1. I just posted it on youtube. The link is: http://youtu.be/BZjZb2lWR_0

    Let me know if that link does not work for you.

    • Bentley
    • August 14, 2014

    You da man!

    • Adam D.
    • August 14, 2014

    John W.: Are those Euros? I have about the same densities in my homemade bin, but mine worms are small, yours look HUGE.

  2. That is a ton of worms! Nice job! So you’ve started from 100 and now how much do you guesstimate there is? I see at least a couple of pounds, if not more!

    • woadie_TheWorm
    • August 28, 2014

    I just ordered my mega. First timer in worm compost here. Hope to get the best castings for my garden!

    • John W.
    • September 26, 2014

    They are just red wigglers. Most of them were very small for a long time, and then I guess the conditions became perfect and they exploded in size. I did not change anything other than feeding a lot of watermelon scraps.

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