March 2018

Urban Worm Bag – Unboxed and Ready to Roll!

If you have followed this website for any length of time, you will know I have been a major fan of the Worm Inn for years now. In case you’re curious how long, it’s been ever since it was invented nearly a decade ago (as I type this) back in the summer of 2008.

Yeah, I suppose it doesn’t hurt that I somehow managed to “inspire” its creation – in a very weird way I might add – but when it comes down to it, what I’ve always loved about it is that it just plain WORKS – really well – and is very easy to use.

As great as Worm Inns are, and as much as I have recommended them over the years, there have always been a handful of nagging concerns about the design – partially based on my own experience with them, and partially due to feedback received from others who have purchased them.

A few prime examples include:

– In certain situations (eg low humidity locations) they can dry out very easily (or at least require a lot of watering).
– They don’t come with a stand (even with the “stand kit” additional supplies need to be purchased).
– The screened lid (an awesome feature in my opinion) can become damaged very easily.
– The unit sometimes doesn’t fit properly on a stand (I only encountered this with the regular Worm Inn)

Well, long story short (more…)

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Hair Shirt Vermicomposting – 3-01-18

Quick little update on the “Hair Shirt Vermicomposting” front…

It’s been nearly 3 weeks since I set up a small system to test the use of cloth (mainly from clothing) and pet hair as “bedding” materials. As you may recall, I am using carrot peelings as my “food” for this one.

Similar to my Tea Bag Vermicomposting project, this is definitely going to be a pretty “slow” system (i.e nothing super excited will likely happen any time soon). But that’s OK!

One factor playing a role right now is (more…)

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Tea Bag Vermicomposting – 2-28-2018

For some reason I felt like I was overdue for a Tea Bag Vermicomposting update (turns out I was actually about a week early), so I checked on things (and created a video) yesterday.

Everything continues to move along very nicely in the bin. It smells great, looks great – the worms are doing very very well. So I am definitely happy with the progress.

Something I touch on in the video is that this is (more…)

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