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Tea Bag Vermicomposting – 2-28-2018

For some reason I felt like I was overdue for a Tea Bag Vermicomposting update (turns out I was actually about a week early), so I checked on things (and created a video) yesterday.

Everything continues to move along very nicely in the bin. It smells great, looks great – the worms are doing very very well. So I am definitely happy with the progress.

Something I touch on in the video is that this is a pretty “slow” type of system. I am not adding a ton of waste to it (because I have a limited quantity of tea bags) so we’re not seeing the same sort of population (and castings production) explosion as in the Worm Inn Mega.

I like systems like this because they require almost no attention, and are about as hassle-free as you can get. But on the flip side, it can obviously take longer to produce lots of vermicompost and a sizable population of worms.

Speaking of population growth, I spotted a LOT of cocoons this time – yet another good sign (although worms can be motivated to drop cocoons when conditions deteriorate as well – so don’t use it as a universal “awesome” indicator! lol)

Anyway – I will more than likely just let this system hum along without disturbance now until sometime in April – maybe even later than that. But I will continue to collect and add the tea bags along the way.

Stay tuned! I should have some really nice material to test out by the time growing season starts!

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Written by Bentley on March 1st, 2018 with no comments.
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