July 2019

Homemade Manure – 07-31-19

The last time I wrote about “homemade manure” (HMM) was nearly 6 years ago. Crazy. At the time I had recently made a mix using wood stove pellets, alfalfa cubes and chopped up zucchinis.

It was a great batch of HMM – and even more memorable when it ended up infested with stable fly larvae (think biting housefly), leading to good times once a lot of the mix had been moved indoors.

[I seem to recall wearing a hoodie and carrying a rolled up newspaper every time I went down to the basement for a while after that. lol]


While I may not have (more…)

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Vermi-Pit Garden – 7-27-19

Back in early June I wrote about a “Super Simple Vermicomposting Pit Garden” I set up very quickly as an illustration of the fact that you don’t need to dig a massive trench in order to reap the rewards of this type of in-ground vermi-gardening!

It’s been a bit of a weird season for sure. Damp cool spring weather seemed to switch over to hot dry summer weather – neither has been exactly ideal for growing squash-family crops.

Things have come along with my my cucumber plant though – and I’ve been getting some nice cukes (like one pictured below), and the plant is (more…)

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