September 2019

“Bad Boy” Bin – 9-30-19

Back in early August I wrote about an outdoor compost bin I’d been adding some iffy materials to (see “Bentley’s ‘Bad Boy’ Bin”) – things like chicken bones (with some meat on them), compostable cat litter, oily/salty salad with cheese etc.

This was a “let’s see what happens” type of experiment, with the goal of demonstrating that you can basically compost any type of organic waste – even with worms involved. It’s all just a matter of HOW.

Hopefully it’s obvious that I would NEVER recommend an approach like this for a smaller, enclosed worm bin – especially something kept indoors. The bin I am using is good sized backyard composter (“Soil Saver”), with excellent ventilation, and there was already a well-established, safe habitat zone for the worms down in the lower half of the bin when I started the experiment.

Since getting the project rolling, I’ve added: (more…)

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Vermicomposting Planter – 9-30-19

It has been a pretty quiet year on the vermicomposting planter front (and a quiet few months in general). I didn’t end up doing anything with it until quite late in the season (end of June) when we were having people over and I happened to be putting in some plants elsewhere.

On a whim I tossed in some marigolds and cabbage plants – mostly just for the sake of dressing it up a bit. Based on the results from previous seasons, I wasn’t really expecting much…but at least it looked presentable. lol

Well, as you can probably guess (more…)

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