March 2020

Composting Rolls – 5 Months Later

Back in early October (2019) I decided to test out Mark Payne’s “Composting Rolls” concept – a major part of his overall “Vernmenting” approach. I set up 2 medium sized bins with these rolls (containing a food mix I made ahead of time), put them in a climate-controlled indoor location, then basically just left them completely alone.

I’ve opened up the bins 2 or 3 times since then, but late last week I finally decided to conduct a more thorough examination – and to catch all the action and excitement on film!

It is quite fitting that I referred to this as a (more…)

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Worms Castings & Teas – Drought Tolerance in Plants (Revisited)

Last week I posted an update for my castings/tea alfalfa growth experiment (including a video showing the results). A short time after that I really started feeling like it was time to wrap things up. It’s been interesting for sure – but I’m keen to use my warming mat and grow lamp to start some new plants (perhaps edible this time – lol).

But there was one thing I wanted to try first!

Some years ago now, I “accidentally” discovered that (more…)

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Breathable Bucket System #2 – Late February Update

Yep – I realize it is March! The video above was actually recorded last week – it’s just taken me a little while to get around to writing a blog post update.

This was a very breathable (4 vent) bucket system set up early in November 2019. I won’t claim to have added heaps and heaps of kitchen scraps to this bin over the past few months – but it certainly hasn’t been completely neglected either.

Temps are always quite cool in my basement, but progress has still been quite good. The original “19 worms” (+ cocoons) population seems to have (more…)

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