January 2021

Super Simple Stinky Fly Trap

There’s no denying that various forms of flying insects can end up being a pain in the neck once established in indoor vermicomposting systems.

Fruit flies and various types of gnats are likely the most common (be sure to check out “Getting Rid of Fruit Flies and Fungus Gnats” for a solid overview of my typical recommendations for dealing with them), but the one that might very well be the worst to deal with is the scuttle fly.

Although this fly is reported to have a life cycle in the range of 10-20 days (depending on temps and other factors), you’d swear it was 10-20 hours with the way they seem to explode in number.

My first encounter with these flies happened back when I was using a VB48 system down in my basement. I’m guessing they ended up in the system when I (more…)

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