And the Winner is…

Just wanted to let everyone know that we have a WINNER for this month’s Worm Factory 360 draw!

Congratulations to Juliette, from Santa Monica California!! I had the pleasure of sending Juliette a congratulatory email earlier today and she is definitely excited!

Thanks again to Kate and the Nature’s Footprint gang for helping to make this possible.

Thanks also to all those of you who took part. Even if you didn’t win – there will certainly be more opportunities to try again!

Speaking of which – there will be another contest starting in a couple of weeks.
Stay tuned

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    • Rich Yarger
    • November 16, 2011

    Congratulations Juliette!

  1. Congrats Juliette! Also noticed Bentley is up to 4072 on his facebook! Can’t remember the dates i chose now,or what year!LOL!

    • joe
    • November 21, 2011


  2. What Larry is referring to is the 5000 Facebook Fan Challenge – a rather over-ambitious contest I came up with last year after our 1000 Facebook Fan Challenge. As I discovered, reaching 1,000 fans is a lot easier than 2,000 – certainly a LOT easier than 3,000 and…well, you get the idea!
    Anyway, we’ve finally cracked the 4 k mark so people are starting to think about it again. I need to track down my list of entries.

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