January WF-360 Winner

On Monday the folks at Nature’s Footprint selected a winner for this month’s Worm Factory 360 contest.

Congratulations to Marty S. of Livermore California!!

I was VERY happy to learn from Kate (my trusty Nature’s Footprint contact) that we ended up with 299 entrants this month – certainly an improvement over the 70 some odd entries that were in by the beginning of last week!

The next WF-360 contest will be starting in a couple of weeks (I will certainly post a reminder) – in the meantime, Nature’s Footprint is offering a 10% discount on the contest page for anyone interested in purchasing one of these bins.

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  1. Yeah,i got in this one.Forgot to post my bin in the previous one.Maybe they can have another type where we can post something interesting?My worm bin may be one of the few with an infrared beam mounted on it though?My worms are extra safe! LOL!

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