Joe’s VB96 Update

As promised in my latest newsletter (sent out yesterday), I wanted to share an exciting update from Joe Denial (designer of the VermBin series of DIY flow-through bins). He emailed me a little while back to let me know that he had started harvesting vermicompost from his system.

Let me start by pointing out that it’s certainly not mandatory that you wait as long as Joe did (the better part of a year) before harvesting from your VermBin – but as you’ll see below, Joe certainly ended up with some gorgeous compost.

Anyway – here is what he had to say:

3″ from the top.
Finally cut open the bottom of the bin and harvested 1.5″ of finished material. Only 5 worms.

Been at this bin, coming up to a year, diligently.

Couldn’t be happier with the results. After taking what I did, the upper 20″ settled to the top of the rods as hoped.
Perfect system, but you need to be patient about priming the pump.

I had to cut open the bottom because it never completely rotted (layered it heavily). Did this because of the escaping worms that I had at the beginning. Used a utility knife to cut between the bars and it easily came out. The rake I salvaged from a hand cultivator. Cut the handle down and cut the tines to 2.5″. Fits perfect and takes only what I want. I have 2 night lights on the shelf for insurance.

Have to say, that I was unsure of the harvesting process. Not how, but the idea that the material would just fall out.

The castings are so compacted and moist, that it doesn’t happen.

So glad to have this setup. Takes minimal effort and produces just like we thought.

This is really exciting news – and I certainly appreciate Joe allowing me to post it here!

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    • Thomas Gormley
    • January 24, 2012

    I completed my VB 24 x 12? Yes it complete it just before Christmas and the before bad whether satin yes ye a VB 24 X 12 well you see I sue will be seventy-one and I won’t be able to move A big Box about, and considering the worms will haply laving in anything deeper than nine inches I think
    This is better for me and the worms are, even Theo tempter as been dropping below 0, F
    The box lid as a big hole for the ventilation and a little one which I have placed a thermometer to
    Keep an eye on things, Hope this little bit of information is of useful to you
    Form Thomas in the UK

    • K. L. Zimmerman
    • August 22, 2012

    I recently purchased your verm bin 24, but cannot find the web site for the 48 and 96. I am a hobby worm farmer with approx 1/4 million worms put in over 100 buckets. I have been changing over to wood boxes 24Lx18Wx4H, but I am also a 100% service connected disabled and have limited upper strength. I don’t sell any product but it keeps me busy & makes my garden grow Thanks

    • K. L. Zimmerman
    • August 22, 2012

    I had a lot of spider mites on my indoor plants in my house, but I also noticed in my recent castings that I had a lot of red mites and sow bugs. After I placed this on my house plants, many of the spider mites disappeared. Are the red mites and spider mites enemies? (My house is extremely clean except for the spider mites})

    • K. L. Zimmerman
    • August 22, 2012

    Are spider mites and red mites the same species or are they natural enemies?

    • Bentley
    • August 22, 2012

    Hi there, KL
    Offhand, I’m not sure when you placed your order, but assuming it wasn’t sometime in the last couple of weeks, the upgrade guide may simply have not been ready.
    It is now available on the downloads page inside the member’s area. Hopefully you are on the email list as well – if not you can sign up for that inside the member’s area as well.

    • Bentley
    • August 22, 2012

    As for mites…
    You wouldn’t believe the number of (known) mite species there are in the world – and they occupy every ecological niche available. Just the number of species you might find in forest floor litter (compost heaps etc etc etc) is incredible.
    So, rest assured, plant parasitic mites are different from any species you might find in your vermicomposting system.

  1. Very excited to get these plans in my hands… with spring right around the corner, this will be a good project to keep me out of trouble.

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