Worm Factory 360 | 1-23-12

So I finally added my second tray! Woohoo!

Someone left a comment on the site a short time ago mentioning that they had transferred some of the material from the first tray into second tray before adding it on top.


So I decided to do the same thing – and it worked like a charm! (surprise, surprise. lol)

I was happy to see that there was no sign of food waste anywhere in the first tray, and a lot of the bedding materials have been processed nicely! Certainly a fair amount (of bedding) remaining, but I’m sure it will well processed by the time I fill my last tray (still two more to go after the one I just added).

The next two images show what the first tray and the second tray looked like after I transferred the material, respectively.

After adding the older material to the second tray, I decided to add some food waste as well. The total quantity was 420 grams (~ 0.93 lb) – so not a huge amount, but it should be enough to start luring more worms up from below. I was in a bit of a hurry so I ended up using some fairly fresh materials that hadn’t been previously frozen. I made sure to cut everything up really well in an effort to compensate for this (although, this is a great idea even if you DO age/freeze the wastes).

There was no special attention given when adding the food waste. I simply layered it over top of the older material, then added a fair amount of brand new stredded cardboard (of the drink tray variety) over top.

As an afterthought I decided to add some water as well – everything seemed a little dry to me (which is actually pretty cool considering the fact that this is a plastic bin – tells me there is plenty of air exchange).

Will aim to provide another update early next week!

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    • Laura
    • January 24, 2012

    Hmm, those trays look much drier than I’ve ever had. Even so you may want to open that spigot and keep a bucket under it, adding second tray will compress tray below and force leachate out. Also, is it too early to ask you for a comment/comparison on WF 360 and Worm Inn as far as quality of vermicompost and worm numbers etc so far?

    • Bentley
    • January 24, 2012

    Hi Laura,
    Thanks for chiming in. The reservoir has nothing more than condensation in it at this point (lol), but I suppose once I start adding more food, more trays etc, it will start to accumulate. Keeping the spigot open sounds like a good idea to me.

    As of right now, the material in the WF-360 and the Worm Inn actually looks pretty similar – mostly like processed cardboard (haha) since I’ve neglected both bins pretty badly. I have a sneaking suspicion that the WF-360 vermicompost (once I finish the final tray) will have a higher moisture content, but other than that I don’t imagine they will be all that different.

    As for worm population, my HUNCH is that the Worm Inn can hold a larger population of worms just based on the size of it, but it’s really hard to say for sure. Guess it depends on how many worms hang back in the lower trays of the WF-360.

  1. Whenever I add shredded paper or cardboard to my bin, I soak it in a bucket of water first. I squeeze out part of the water before I add it to the bin to avoid too much water. With the moist bedding, the worms seem to move into that layer fairly quickly. (I haven’t done a side-by-side comparison to see if there is a significant difference)

    • Kevin Jiang
    • January 29, 2012

    I found out the sprinkler( black tray ) is used for collecting the leachate. The hole make it like a watering can.

    • Kevin Jiang
    • January 29, 2012

    I meant holes.

  2. I like the photos in your post, they really help with explaining the things you are doing with the worm factory and importantly how it looks.

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