The ‘5 for 4’ Euro Sale

Happy Memorial Day to all my friends in the U.S.! We had our holiday (Victoria Day) last weekend, so it was all work and no play for me today – haha. My work is like ‘play’ for me, so no problemo there.

Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve got a special going for European Nightcrawlers right now. You may recall that I held a ‘Euro Shipping Sale’ last time, which – no surprise – involved reducing shipping costs on all the orders (in some cases I basically paid you for shipping).

This sale isn’t quite so universal, but in my mind it actually packs a more powerful punch – at least for those people who might be thinking about getting a little more serious about Euros. For a limited time I’ll be offering 5 lb of Euros for the price of 4. That works out to $23 off the regular price. With shipping (to anywhere in continental U.S.) you’ll pay $118 usd.

I recently caught wind of another worm seller holding a “sale” for Euros that involved charging $185 (apparently $100 off their regular price) for 5 lb! My intention isn’t to sling mud here, but let’s just say I was a tad surprised by this, and felt even more motivated to move ahead with this sale.

Something important to mention is the fact that these particular Euros are NOT the same ones we were selling last time. As some of you may recall, I made sure to mention that those worms were very small by Euro standards. The advantage of course was that customers were getting a LOT more worms for the same price. As I discovered however, not everyone wants mega value – many people just want BIG worms!

Your wish is my command! This time around, the worms will be coming from a different source and should be the ‘normal’ euro size – i.e. much bigger that your average Red Wiggler, but not as big as a Canadian Nightcrawler (‘Dew Worm’).

What’s amazing about these worms is that, unlike Canadian Nightcrawlers, they can be kept (and will reproduce) in bins, and will eat your ‘garbage’ just like Red Worms. They are reported to be an excellent fishing worm, with lots of wiggling action and plenty of durability on the hook. I’ve even heard they do surprisingly well in brackish and ice cold waters.

If you happen to keep turtles, snakes, large fish etc, you might think about starting your own mini live-food farm with these worms, since they will provide your animals with a fairly substantial meal (and are quite nutritious as well).

Anyway, that’s the long and short of it. If you are interested, be sure to click on the updated 5 lb Euro “Buy Now” button on the worm sales page – you’ll know you’re in right spot if you see the old price slashed out and replaced with the new price in red.

If you have any questions etc, please drop me an email. Be sure to include “Euro Sale” somewhere in your subject though or you’ll likely be waiting awhile for a response (I’m falling behind in my email correspondence).

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