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I decided to put together a resource that will (hopefully) help people find vermicomposting-related businesses in their region – or at least provide them with more options. One of the questions I get ALL the time is “where should I buy my worms?”. Clearly, there needs to be thriving worm business directory put together, and what better place to have it than here at Red Worm Composting.
(Ok, so I’m a little biased – haha!)

Obviously the directory is extremely new and there isn’t even a single business in there yet (as I write this) – which is why this post is directed more towards worm business owners than those looking for worms/supplies. The listings will be based on geographic location, but at the moment I have VERY general category listings (eg ‘Asia’). I will definitely be adding many more subcategories as I start to get a feel for the countries and regions that are represented.

I have put together a directory Help Page in an effort to try and answer the major questions I think will come up (be sure to get in touch if there are any other burning questions on your mind).

Just so you know, this is a directory for businesses that sell any/all of the following: 1) Worms (earthworms that is – if you are a bait farmer and do not raise any sort of earthworm, please do not submit a listing), 2) Worm Castings, 3) Worm Tea, 4) Vermicomposting Systems and Supplies, or 5) Worm composting information products (books, videos etc).
I want to try to keep this as narrowly focused as possible so as to provide the most benefit to those those who are passionate about vermicomposting and are looking for worms/supplies etc. I will be manually reviewing every single link, and reserve the right to reject those I don’t feel relate to the overall theme.

Believe it or not, you don’t even need a website to submit your business! In fact, I really want to try and find as many non-web worm businesses as I can, since many of these could be located in our region without us even realizing it.

I will almost certainly be putting together a more general composting/gardening directory before too long, so please do not submit any educational/hobby worm composting sites to this directory. Again, my aim is to keep it as focused as possible.

Ok, I think that’s all for now. Here is the link: Worm Composting Business Directory

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    • Al
    • April 7, 2008

    Hi Bentley,

    Here’s a good place to start getting names for your directory:


    I don’t know how old the information is so I suggest you verify it. Better still, when you find an error let City Farmer know and they will correct it.



    P.S. I prefer link love myself and would let City Farmer do the work that they are so good at.

    • Bentley
    • April 7, 2008

    Haha – too funny, Al! I totally forgot about the City Farmer directory. Last time I checked, quite a few of them were out of date, but you are absolutely right – awesome resource.

    In all honesty, my hope is that people will add themselves to the directory. Not only will they be better at describing themselves, but it will save me MANY, MANY long hours (been there, done that – no fun).


  1. Hi, I offer red worms, compost, boxes & tea : ) We’re really small, just made a small starter website that has some info about us. We love doing group meetings, kid groups, etc. and teaching about the wonderful benefits of composting. I would love a way for people to find us. We’re in Cape Coral FL and at this point still work out of our garage…of course it’s being taken over ny worms at this point! Thank you for your great website!

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