Complete Guide to Vermicomposting

The Complete Guide to Vermicomposting

“Pre-Launch” Package

***IMPORTANT UPDATE*** – The “Complete Guide” Pre-Launch has ended. THANKS so much for all the interest and support – can’t tell you how much it meant to see so many people responding SO quickly (why I had to stop the pre-launch a lot sooner than expected). The actual launch of the guide should happen sometime in October. I will certainly keep RWC email list subscribers in the loop.

Those who have followed my blogging here at Red Worm Composting will know that I’ve put a lot of heart and soul into this project since starting it nearly 5 years ago. I’ve launched a fair number of different websites over the years, but RWC is undoubtedly my “baby” – the one I’ve always kept coming back to. Working on the site has been a hugely rewarding experience (life-changing, really), but the challenge has always involved trying to earn enough revenue (directly from the site and from related ventures) while still putting enough time into site development so as to keep things moving in a positive direction.

Unfortunately, it’s been a losing battle and I’m getting pretty close to the point of needing to discontinue my work here for the sake of being a better provider for my family. In light of this, I decided to tackle one more big, important project – namely, my “Complete Guide to Vermicomposting”. There is certainly plenty of good vermicomposting information on the RWC website, but I’ve never put together a resource that really pulls it all together in an organized manner. As many will know, I actually did get started on the guide last fall – and was able to hammer out a pretty solid 76 page offering for those who were (and are) on my email list – but there were still two entire planned sections (not to mention pictures) that were never added.

I’ve made good progress on the new version, and am expecting to be finished the first edition by the end of September, but in light of the current challenges I’ve decided to put together a pre-release promo package. It just so happens that my work on the “Complete Guide” has coincided with the completion of another exciting (but smaller) project – the VermBin24 Flow-Through Vermicomposting System. This is a set of plans (and info guide) for building and setting up a compact, highly effective, flow-through vermicomposting system. I teamed up with a technical illustrator (who just happens to have amazing DIY building skills), Joe Denial, for this project – and we are both very excited about the possibilities.

The VB24 plans were created as a stand-alone product, but Joe was kind enough to let me use them as a means of “sweetening the pot” for those who order the vermicomposting guide during the pre-launch period. I decided to take things one step further by creating an actual “Complete Guide” membership, including a private community forum. My first priority is of course the completion of the guide itself – but I can definitely see the potential for developing the membership into a very solid vermicomposting resource in its own right.

This promotion was definitely created with the fans of the Red Worm Composting website in mind – those people who have enjoyed reading my goofy ramblings over the years and want to see me continue on with the site. I’m not one to ask for charity – preferring to take a more entrepreneurial approach – but my hope is that this will prove to be a win/win opportunity; a chance to help out while still receiving some solid “bang for your buck”!

Worse case scenario, I develop a strong core product and am able provide customers with what they paid for. Best case scenario, I’m able to raise enough money to allow for continued work on the site, future editions of the guide and the development of a large, thriving membership community and online vermicomposting information hub.


What will happen to the website if you are not able to raise enough money?

Just to be clear – the RWC website itself is NOT going anywhere, regardless of what happens. What will change significantly, though, is my work on the site. If I do add new blog posts, it will only be very occasionally – so the site will basically remain in the state I leave it in. I also won’t likely be able to respond to any emails (other than customer support) or blog comments etc. My aim will of course be to find a way to pick up where I left off eventually – but it’s hard to say for sure when that might be.

What can I expect to find in the new vermicomposting guide? How does it differ from the free guide (available to email list members)?

The “Complete Guide” will be at least double the size of the free version, and will also have lots of pictures in it. It is important to point out that it will be structured in the same manner, and will in fact contain a lot of the info present in the original guide, but there will be lots of new material (and entire sections) added – not to mention the addition of the “Complete Guide” online member’s area. You might think of the “Incomplete Guide” (haha) as the Ultra-Light edition!

I don’t have a Paypal account – can I still place an order?

Absolutely – Paypal also accepts credit card payments (secured via the latest web encryption protocols) for those who don’t have PP accounts.

What if I place a debit/e-check type of order?

These are perfectly fine, but the potential downside is that you will have to wait for a number of days for these payments to clear before receiving any of the emails (with access info etc).

I live in another country – can I still order this package?

You sure can! This is one of the great advantages of creating products in electronic format. As long as customers have web access and a way to place the order (Paypal account, credit card etc) there should be no issues.

How will I receive these products (and access to the member’s area)?

When you place your order, assuming your current email address was entered (or is already associated with your Paypal account – if you have one), you should receive several important emails with information about how to proceed, including one that links to a page where you can complete your membership registration. Inside the member’s area you can download the VB24 plans guide, and moving forward that’s where you will be able to download/access all available resources. If for whatever reason you DON’T receive any emails after placing your order, just drop me an email (with “Complete Guide” somewhere in subject) and I’ll provide assistance.


What You Get

┬áVermBin24 Flow-Through Vermicomposting System plans with user guide – and all future updates/add-ons

 The Complete Guide to Vermicomposting (when released) and all future updates/add-ons

┬áLifetime access to the “Complete Guide to Vermicomposting” online membership┬á – which includes a community forum and VIP email support.


I understand that…

1) I’m pre-ordering “The Complete Guide to Vermicomposting” and will receive notice when it becomes available.

2) These are e-resources (accessed online via computer) and that no physical goods will be mailed to me.

3) I will be entitled to ALL future updates/add-ons to this package and associated resources.


***UPDATE: The “Complete Guide” Pre-Launch has now ended – stay tuned for more details on the official launch. THANKS everyone!***

Order with confidence on 100% secure servers.


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