3D Printer Worm Bin Vents?

I am constantly amazed and surprised by the technology we have access to these days!

Not too long ago, Becky Carr – a grade 4/5 school teacher at Apohaqui Elementary School in New Brunswick ordered some Red Worms from me (via my Canadian site) to start up a vermicomposting project with her students.

I’m always happy to see teachers starting these sorts of projects in schools, and enjoy providing as much e-mail guidance as needed to make just sure everything gets off on the right foot…but this exchange definitely got extra interesting early on.

In one of her replies, Becky happened to mention that the class had made vents for their worm bin using a 3D printer. Needless to say, this caught my attention (especially given how much I’ve been thinking about vents lately – lol) – and I asked if she could share more info and some images.

As you can likely guess, she happily obliged (and gave me permission to share with all of you as well)!

The design came from a website called “Thingverse” – and you can access the actual listing by clicking the next image

Becky says they did one vent at 100% and four at 33%.

I was certainly familiar with (and amazed by) the 3D printing concept already – but I must say this kinda blew my mind! I remember how much of a pain it was to track down decent louver vents back when I was using them for worm bins (and they weren’t super cheap either).

Obviously this might not be super relevant for the average citizen who doesn’t happen to have a 3D printer at home – but I’m guessing that more and more schools, businesses and other organizations do have them (I know my daughter’s school has at least one).

Getting back to worm composting (haha) – one suggestion I shared with Becky was to attach nylon stocking (or something similar) on the back end of the vents with elastics so as to help prevent any flying pests from getting into the bin.

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