Name That Worm Inn – Update

Hi Everyone,
It seems our latest RWC contest (“Name That Worm Inn“) is quite a hit! Thanks for all the great entries and positive feedback so far!

One thing I realized, though, is that I should have clearly posted the rules/instructions in the actual blog post, NOT solely in the video itself. Sorry about that.

Here is the run-down:

CONTEST OVERVIEW: The aim of this contest is to help Jerry (Worm Inn brand owner) come up with a good name for his brand new Worm Inn system, which is 5x the size of the original.

Da Rules

1) Each person is entitled to ONE entry. Please make sure you have read through the updated list of entries (which can be found in the “Name That Worm Inn” blog post) to make sure you are not submitting one that’s already been submitted.

2) On a related note, while we’re totally fine with similar names (eg “Vermi-Palace”, “Worm Palace”, “Wiggler Palace”), you cannot submit a name that contains one of the names already submitted (ie if “BIG Worm Inn” is on the list, you can’t submit “BIG Worm Inn 5000”, “BIG Worm Inn Deluxe” – or even “BIG Red Worm Inn”). Also, we are discouraging entries that are very similar, but use different spelling (eg “Wormopolis”, “Wormtropolis”, “Wormatropolis”).
BOTTOM-LINE, I encourage everyone to think about it this way – when you set yourself apart from other entries as much as possible, you are going to have a MUCH better chance of standing out and ending up in the top 3. If you are similar to others, you are basically competing directly against them right out of the gates – definitely a disadvantage.

3) In order to submit an “official” entry you need to send an email to this address: contest1@redwormcomposting.comNOT submit it via blog post comments, and NOT via the main Red Worm Composting contact form. This really helps to streamline the process – means I don’t have to be looking all over the place for entries.
JUST SO YOU KNOW – so far, I have been very lenient about this, so don’t stress if you weren’t aware of this and ended up doing it the wrong way (again – my fault for not posting the rules properly!)! It’s all good, and I’ve accepted all the entries regardless (DO look on the list though to make sure if you didn’t get a confirmation reply from me).

4) It’s very important to mention (and I KEEP forgetting to do so! Uggh!) that while anyone is welcome to enter for the prestige (haha) of winning the title – unfortunately, only those contestants living in continental U.S.A or Canada (with some exceptions) will be eligible to receive the prizes.

5) One final twist for you! While there is still only ONE entry allowed per person, you are now also allowed ONE opportunity to change your entry – ONLY IF YOU FEEL THE NEED TO DO SO (ie if you are happy with your name, just stick with it)! This is not an opportunity to submit a second entry, however – so please keep in mind that your other entry will no longer be yours if you send me a new name. I will create a new list of “free agent” names that have been released by people, just in case others want to nab them. (We certainly all know what they say about “one person’s trash”! Right? haha)

I think this will make things even more interesting and exciting!

DEADLINEThe deadline for the contest is Wednesday, March 9th at midnight EST. Only those entries and corrections submitted before then will be included.

Da Prizes

1st – Worm Inn (with stand kit) + 2 lb of Red Worms

2nd – Worm Inn (with stand kit) + 1 lb of Red Worms

3rd – Worm Inn (with stand kit) – no worms

IMPORTANT – Just so you know – “Worm Inn” refers to the standard home model (not the brand new system).

Once the entries are all in there will be some sort of name selection period – I’m still not 100% sure how we’re going to do this, to be totally honest. Initially I was thinking it would be fun to include a public vote, followed by a final selection (from a “short list”) by Jerry, but this might end up being more trouble than it’s worth. Anyway – I’ll keep everyone posted!

For those of you wondering what this beast looks like, the good news is that Jerry has provided a sneak peek.

Name That Worm Inn

Please keep in mind that this is NOT an official product shot (haha) – just something to give you some sense of the size etc. Also, this is a picture of an empty system – when full of material this larger model will take on more of an inverted-cone shape. You may notice in the picture that, while the stand is similar, there is an additional set of vertical support bars. As such, the “Stand Kit” for this unit will also include 4 “T” connectors (and 12 zip ties). Instead of 3 lengths of PVC you will need to purchase 5.

As is the case with the regular Worm Inn model, this one will be available in the usual colors (shown in the images below).

Worm Inn Designs

Just so ya know – Jerry will be “officially” making this system available in April, BUT will be accepting “early” orders from those who are keen to get their hands on one (will be delivered later in the month, once available). I will write a separate post about this later in the week.

OK -that’s it, that’s all. If you have questions/concerns/comments feel free to leave em below (but NO name suggestions! haha)

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    • NG
    • February 28, 2011

    Will the new worm inn be availble for International purchase/delivery?

    • Bentley
    • February 28, 2011

    Excellent question, NG!
    Pretty sure Jerry will have similar international shipping options as is the case with the Worm Inn (would need to order directly from him – be sure to ask him about this), so I will tentatively say “yes”! Your question raises another very important issue though! Unfortunately, for the contest itself, in order to receive any of the prizes you need to be in USA or Canada (with some additional conditions/exceptions for Canadian participants). I keep forgetting to mention this VERY important detail (have now updated the post).


    • Bentley
    • February 28, 2011

    Hi Everyone,
    Just want to add a formal apology here for those of you who are outside of North America (especially to the ones who already submitted an entry). It was a really dumb oversight on my part, leaving out the part about not being able to ship abroad.

    That being said, I DO still want to encourage everyone to participate. I will definitely come up with SOME way to reward any international folks who happen to rank in the top 3. In some cases, we can probably send the system without worms – and in other cases I’ll provide something else (such as life-time access to the Worm Farming Alliance etc).


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