The Biggest Euro Competition


Some time ago my good friend (and RWC Facebook group admin) Larry Shier got it into his head that he wanted to challenge me to a Euro growing competition. We started chatting about it back and forth (including some friendly smack talk), and the idea gained more and more momentum.

On Mother’s Day Larry finally laid down the gauntlet, issuing an official challenge on his blog entitled “IT’S ON!!”

He included the image below, which totally cracked me up (I have been a big SNL fan for years).


So yeah…I guess it’s happening!

The only problem is that we still don’t really have a set of rules for this competition. So I would love to get some feedback!

– How many worms should we be allowed to work with (I’m thinking a low number, between 1 and 10)?
– Do we start with cocoons, hatchlings? (adults doesn’t really make sense in my opinion)?
– How long are they allowed to grow for?

Here is my thinking…

We should both start with a few adults in a new system so that we can get some cocoon production. We then move 5-10 of these cocoons to another system. At this point the clock starts and we grow the Euros out to maturity (with maybe a couple extra weeks for more fattening).

Apart from feedback, I think it would be a lot of fun to have others trying this out as well!

Larry is a BIG man (at 6’3), but that don’t mean he knows jack about growing big Euros!

It’s on my friend…IT’S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!!

…Now I just need to go see if I have any Euros

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    • Steve Bichlmeier
    • May 19, 2017


    I had to chime in with a few suggestions. I’d stick with the lower number of Euro’s. Although as I am writing this I’m thinking a greater number gives you a better possibility of growing a “MONSTER EURO”. Okay so split the difference and go with “LUCKY 7”. Start with cocoons and grow them using pre-composted material (with those secret ingredients??? No porcine products or synthetic growth hormones. Precise temperature, moisture and pH controlled environment will be required for optimum results). Random drug testing WILL be conducted throughout the 100 days of this competition. 100 days since this will allow the worms to reach full maturity and pack on a few grams. Plus 100 reminds me of Benjamin Franklins ;). Good luck.


    • Bentley
    • May 25, 2017

    Thank-You Steve!
    Nice to actually have a comment. lol
    Thanks for the suggestions! In line with my own thinking.

    I just need to finalize the details with Mr. Shier!

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