The Waste Optimization Challenge

My recent focus on “optimizing” waste materials for my Worm Inn and WF-360 systems has inspired me to set up a fun little experiment. In a sense, this could be considered the replacement for my “Particle Size Experiment” – but the cool thing is that it’s much simpler, and more-easily monitored.

The basic idea here is to compare the vermi-processing times of equal quantities of carrots that have been “optimized” in different ways. Two of the treatments will feature coarsely chopped carrots – one batch that has been frozen/thawed, the other one simply being left to sit in the fridge (until the frozen ones are ready to be used). The other treatment – added as an afterthought – will be the frozen/thawed/aged carrot ribbons, originally made for my Euros vs Reds experiment.

I made the carrot chunks, destined for the freezer (middle image below), a wee bit…uhhhh…chunkier than those headed for the refrigerator (you know me and my efforts to help the “underdogs”), but ALL three treatments weigh 212g, so essentially equal amounts of carrot biomass. NO, this is not a serious scientific study, by any means – but regardless, it should at least demonstrate how various optimization approaches can potentially help our worms to process waste materials more quickly!

Once the wastes are ready to go (I’ll likely let the frozen carrots thaw out tomorrow), I will then add them all to the same active worm bin, up near the surface – and basically just watch to see what happens over the course of several weeks. I am aiming to take photos every day so I can (hopefully ) create a little time lapse video once the experiment is finished.

Should be fun!

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    • Patty Carlson
    • February 9, 2012

    I look forward to reading of your results. I do cut up all the worm food into little chunks and freeze it so will be interested to know if that helps or not. Thanks for doing this!

  1. Brand new at this! But did do los & lots of researching. Loving this site. Received my babies 2/1/2012. My daughter’s 20th Wedding anniv.. So it will be easy for me to remember when I got started. Had everything all set up when they arrived seemed to love their southern home & hospitality. Good new. But I left them in my husband care. In Tulsa, Ok. visiting grandkids. Should be interesting when I get home. Really I think it was great it happened this. I think I would have killed them with kindness! When I get home I plan some experiments of my own…. I be home <3 Valentines Day. I'll keep ya'll posted. Grammmie 8^) Not sure if I did this right or who will get this. I'll catch on sooner or later!

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