Tiny Tub Challenge – 4-8-15

I checked up on my TTTWC bins again today.

I’m happy to report that I finally have some hatchlings!

Here are the results (not bothering with worm-less tub #2 anymore since it is just for comparison purposes)

Bin #1 – 22 cocoons. 7 Hatchlings
Bin #3 – 32 cocoons. 1 Hatchling

Temperature down in the basement is still around 17 C (~63 F).

All hatchlings are still very small. I was surprised to see such a big difference between the two bins in terms of numbers (of cocoons and hatchlings), but my guess is that it will level out over time.

It’s becoming more and more time-consuming checking on these bins now, so I may stop counting cocoons fairly soon and just stick with the worms. It’s really the worm population I am most interested in anyway, so it’s a sacrifice I don’t mind making.

As a sidenote, I also checked up on my daughter’s Tiny Tub (started in February, and kept in her room). I was glad to see that it was still moist. There is now 1 adult and 1 juvenile worm, so it may still be a little while before we start seeing cocoons in there.

How are your Tiny Tubs coming along?

Be sure to leave your updates in the comments section below!

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  1. No real change in my bins, 3 worms in the first- I couldn’t see cocoons this time, and one in each of the other 2, and didn’t see cocoons either. the first was set up with 2 juvenile (I thought at least), the second with 1 adult looking one, and the 3rd with 1 juvenile.
    One thing is changing though, food disappear from the first bin a a much faster rate than the other 2 bins, and the dark brown stuff definitely does not feel and smell like cafe grounds anymore.

    • Kirsty
    • April 24, 2015

    I counted this morning. I have 5 adult worms, 13 juveniles, and 57 cocoons. I’m sure I missed some juveniles when counting due to the very (maybe too) wet condition I created by feeding a rather large piece of watermelon to my very small system. The worms however look very happy, fat and are eating heaps. ????????

    • Toni
    • April 25, 2015

    After pretty much ignoring my tiny tub for a month I did a count and found 17 worms, and 2 cocoons (but I wasn’t looking particularly carefully for cocoons). I could only find one fully mature worm, so either I missed the other original worm, or it’s died, which would explain there not being many cocoons now.

    I started the tub on the 15th of January, found my first cocoon on the 20th of February, and had 14 cocoons on 26th of March, which was the last time I checked (or fed!) the tiny tub. When putting the tub back together I layered the original material with shredded newspaper as the bin was a bit wet and smelly, and added some zucchini ends to the top for food.

    • Angie
    • May 9, 2015

    I started my tub 1/18/15. I now have 2 fat adults and one strange deformed adult 14 cocoons of various ages, and a gazillion tiny white bugs. I had to add a third baby worm when one of my two originals just wasn’t getting any bigger. The consensus was that it was possibly a different breed. Anyhow, my Tiny tub is in my kitchen and ranges from 60-65 F degrees.

    • Texgal
    • June 12, 2015

    Hey Bentley,

    Are we ever going to have an update on everyone’s tiny tub?

    • Angie
    • June 12, 2015

    So the latest email prompted a count. I have three adults (smaller than my last ones so they must be new) 92 juveniles of varying sizes (from practically microscopic to almost adult) and only 11 cocoons. I kinda forgot about them for a month or so (twice) so they haven’t been fed much. I shredded some cardboard for them tonight and will find them something to eat.

    • Bentley
    • June 22, 2015

    Texgal – The amount of time it’s taken me just to respond should give you some idea of how things are going on my end these days! haha
    Alas, the TTTWC project – while a fun idea – ended up basically sidelined once spring arrived. My bins are still going (although I’ve added absolutely nothing to them in many weeks) – and I WILL be doing an update at some point (will be really interesting to see how fast a totally neglected population grows – lol). But I have no idea how others are doing with their bins, or even if they still have them going.
    Did you start up some of these bins? If so, how are they doing?
    Angie – Thanks for your sharing your update!! I’m always amazed by how little these worms really need. When did you start your tubs?

    • Jha
    • August 16, 2015

    My tiny tub has been going since the end of March (which I started mostly to show my students) (I’m a teaching assistant at a university).

    I started seeing cocoons around April, and wormlings quite steadily throughout May and June. I had to stop counting at some point, though.

    I went away for July, leaving my worms in a friend’s capable hands. She’s since had to move the worms into a slightly bigger tub. When I looked in, it was swarming! I’ll try to take a headcount before I empty them out into the mothership bin and prepare a new tiny tub for the upcoming school year.

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