Waste Optimization Update

I wanted to add a quick update for my “Waste Optimization Challenge” experiment today, letting everyone know that everything is now up and running.

I removed the carrot chunks from the freezer, along with a whole carrot I decided to add to our experimental bin as well. I chose one of my basement bins that seems to have a decent population of worms in it. These (basement) bins are open systems, with thick layers of bedding on top of the composting zone – but I have actually decided to use a lid (with some big air holes) for our experimental bin. I really don’t want to be removing the top bedding all the time – remember, I plan to take a lot of photos – and I certainly don’t want to just leave the carrots to sit out completely exposed either!

I also decided to add an old towel directly on top of the carrot zone so as to encourage the worms to come up (big holes in lid will let in a lot of light).

Just so you know, I’m considering this “Day 0”, and all future updates will have the associated day number. (Will be easier to see how long it’s been since the start)

Should be fun!

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    • max
    • February 11, 2012

    Waiting for the results!
    Great blog!!!!

    • Nancy
    • February 12, 2012

    I LOVE this experiment..I’m so new to your site and in the ‘serious planning’ stages of composting w/ worms…I mostly puree much of my kitchen scraps for my ‘Garden Slush’ and was wondering how it would work as ‘food’ for my worms…I’ll be interested in your results…Thanks!!!!

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