Ground Cherries-08-16-11

Wanted to provide a quick update on the ground cherries front. I am happy to report that quite a few of the “cherries” (again, actually a close relative of tomatoes and tomatillos) are ripening, and I’ve actually been munching on them already.

The husks (containing the fruit) seem to be falling off before the fruit has fully ripened (and turned deep yellow), so I’m not sure if I’m supposed to let them sit for a period of time, or how that works. They are still pretty sweet, but not quite as tasty as the (purchased) ones I ate last year.

I can’t believe how many husks each plant is producing! Looks like it’s going to amount to a pretty sizable harvest by the time all is said and done!

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    • Ruth Ann (from PA)
    • August 17, 2011

    We pick up the ground cherries and lay them in a single layer on a box lid. They will all turn yellow.

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