Bentley’s MNN Interview

A few weeks ago, one of my long-time online eco-buddies, Shea Gunther, invited me to take part in an interview for his regular column on the Mother Nature Network.

I consider Shea to be something of an eco-brutha-from-anutha-mutha – since we not only share the same birthday (although, Shea’s a bit more of a youngin’! haha), and an appreciation for pirate jokes (Arrrrrh you serious?!), but we’re also both keenly interested in eco-entrepreneurship. Needless to say, it’s always great to hear from him – but actually being invited for an interview on MNN was a MAJOR honor!

To put things in perspective a bit, MNN has ~ 27,700 Facebook “Fans” (as I write this post) – that’s almost exactly 10 TIMES as many as we have for the RWC fan page (and believe you me, our number is none too shabby, especially considering the narrow focus of the site)! I must say that I was feeling a wee bit nervous about the whole thing – especially when I saw the accomplishments of some of his previous interviewees – but I decided to focus instead on the exciting opportunity to give a “shout out” for vermicomposting in a more eco-mainstream setting! Thanks again, Shea!!

Anyway – be sure to check it out here:
Bentley Christie is crazy about worms, composting worms that is

P.S. I was really pleased to have been given the opportunity to mention the exciting/inspiring work of someone else in the vermicomposting field as well – Maria Rodriguez!

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