Crazy Q&A Podcast – Session #3

Time for yet another “Crazy Q&A Podcast”!

While it does feel like I’m making decent progress, there are still plenty of questions left to answer, so you can probably expect to see quite a few more of these in the Q&A format (will try to start mixing things up a bit next month though).

Topics Touched On

– Food waste slurries as worm food
– Using Euros (Eisenia hortensis) for vermicomposting
– Transplanting seedlings from a vermicomposting system
– Harvesting vermicompost + “worm tea” vs “leachate”
– Using rabbit manure for vermicomposting
– Using “pine straw” as bedding material
– Slow nightcrawler reproduction
– Combining composting & vermicomposting
– Moisture level of finished vermicompost
– Dealing with fruit flies/gnats

Hope you enjoy it!

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    • Julie
    • November 26, 2012

    I have a lot of pine needles and a lot of manure, and presumably a lot of “wild” red worms, but the needles don’t decompose well (or even break up) even after many months/years(?) in my compost pile. Even when I accidently scoop needles in with manure for my inside worms, the worms don’t appear to “work” on them and I end up pulling them out. My advice: avoid like the plague.

    • Bentley
    • November 26, 2012

    Thanks very much for sharing that info, Julie! Funny – I actually touched on the topic again in my most recent Q&A podcast (posted today).

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