High Altitude Tomatoes

RWC worm-friend, Tina Ligon, recently wrote in to ask if I was still sharing gardening pics (see “How Did Your Garden Grow“). The picture she shared with me was SO beautiful I decided to give her her own post!

I garden at 7900′ in Colorado and all of these tomatoes were grown here.
I have just harvested two 30 gallon trashcans of vermicompost from my
outdoor bin (a former refrigerator). Of course I amend my soil in my “tomato
house” as I call my self made greenhouse with vermicompost.

You don’t have to be a tomato fanatic (like me) to appreciate a picture like that. Thanks again for sharing, Tina!

By the way – if you haven’t seen Tina’s guest blog post from a few years back, I highly recommend you check that out as well:
Tina’s Outdoor Worm Bin Experiment

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    • John Duffy
    • September 12, 2012

    Those are beautiful tomatoes! Do you use any soil amendments other than vermicompost?

    • Tina Ligon
    • September 19, 2012

    Not a quick answer. Where I live the “soil” is mostly decomposing granite with a lot of rocks. I have been working on building the soil for my tomatoes for about 5 years. This year sifted out some more rocks and added some peat, and vermicompost. I did add some organic fertilizer in each planting hole and scratched in a bit more about half way through the season. I have more vermicompost that I plan to have tested for nutrients and will be glad to share the results.

  1. Beautiful looking tomatoes, Tina! Do you grow all your tomato plants inside your self-made greenhouse? What months of the year do you grow these? Thanks.

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