A Tribute to “Mark from Kansas”!

By Larry Duke

March 11th, 2011. My one year anniversary of worm composting.

Thinking about my one year anniversary, I was trying to plan on doing something special. Like giving away a pound of worms in a contest. I filmed a contest video three times. Then suddenly I deleted them because I started to think about what got me started on my life with worms. And I have to tell you, if it wasn’t for that “Mark from Kansas” video of his bin, I would probably not be talking about worms today! I know for a fact I would not have my big flow-through that has gotten my mind off of some pretty low times in my life. So rather then thinking of myself, I want to thank “Mark from Kansas”! Because he changed my life for the better. So if I have ever inspired any of you for the better. Don’t thank me! Thank “Mark from Kansas”!

So “Mark from Kansas”, my hat is off to you sir! And I don’t do this often. I gotta hide my bald head! HA HA!
Anyway – thanks a lot, Mark, for inspiring me! I’m your #1 fan!

Your friend,

Larry D

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    • Don
    • March 11, 2011

    Very nice, Larry.
    I too have been inspired by Mark, and Bentley (haha). Who will ever forget the image of Mark laying under the cage of his OSCR before it was filled with VC and worms?

    Thanks, Mark.


  1. Wow Larry and thanks! Has it only been a year?
    I gotta tell ya that you done more for vermicomposting than I ever have. The reason I am your number one fan is that you challenge the conventional wisdom of vermicomposting and are not afraid to take a chance on something different. I really love your videos, especially when you start off by saying “Hi folks, Larry here, I’ve got my ceil phone in one hand and a fire extinguisher nearby” THAT is a real attention getter.
    Thanks again.
    Humbly yours

    • Larry D.
    • March 12, 2011

    HAHAHA! At least i know you have been watching my videos! Seems longer to me too.I’m with Don.When i saw you under that bin,that was classic.
    Sometimes not going by the rules can cost you.I guess that is why i do some of the things i do.So folks can say they saw it,so i don’t need to risk their worms!Some works,but some don’t.Hey we can win ’em over one at a time! It’s Bentleys fault i do these crazy worm antics i tell ya! LOL!
    Seriously though Mark! You have helped a lot more folks than you give yourself credit for.And it is greatly appreciated!

  2. What tickles me the most is when I look at my black gold I think
    “that use to be my garbage”.

  3. I agree on all points. And I am still amazed at what worms do to my garbage. I love the experiments (and even Bentley’s excuses for not doing a follow-up). You three (Mark from Kansas, Larry-aka Garbage Guru, and Bentley- the Compost Guy- Christie) have had an impact on vermicomposting world-wide and have made ‘taking out the trash’ fun for a lot of folks. Thanks guys, and keep up the good work! Wurmz iz e-z!

    • steve k
    • March 14, 2011

    I haven’t seen such a man-love-fest since I watched the Oscars. Coincidence?

  4. I’m just trying to let these guys know that I appreciate what they do, and if it’s creepy to you, sorry. What have you done lately?
    That really isn’t fair to you, and we should not compare ourselves among ourselves. If you are here, then you are probably into worms, and that’s good. So it’s up to you now.
    Wurmz iz e-z!

  5. LOL – eeasy Steamy!
    Steve was totally teasing (I saw the Oscars, so the “man love” reference made me laugh), and he is indeed a valued member of the RWC community. Apart from participating regularly, I seem to recall a certain bit of statistical analysis he did for us awhile back as well.

    Love the protective energy, my friend – but Steve is definitely one of us.

    • Larry D.
    • March 14, 2011

    Maybe if Bentleys book becomes a movie,he can talk about how “Larry the cable guy” came about playing my part at the oscars! LOL!

    • Steve K
    • March 14, 2011

    I am sorry if my statement was ambiguous or offended anyone. All was meant in a positive spirit, as Bentley said. I just couldn’t pass up the Oscar/OSRC pun that was in there.

    • Steve K
    • March 14, 2011

    I meant OSCR.

  6. Thank you Steamy, I wasn’t offended at all.
    As a matter of fact, I’m grateful for having such good friends.

    • brenda bowen
    • March 15, 2011

    Happy anniversary Larry

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