Donating Composting Worms

Hi everyone. It’s been awhile since I added anything to the “Share Board”. Remember – if there is anything you’d like to share with the rest of our readers (information, requests, opportunities etc) that relates to vermicomposting, and is non-commercial (feel free to submit these too and I’ll let you know if they are appropriate), I will be happy to add them.

A little while ago I wrote a response to a couple of people wondering what to do with all their extra worms (a hypothetical situation, should their worm bins end up doing really well).

I recently received an email from Kristine P., letting me know that she would be more than happy to take extra worms off anyone’s hands. Here is what she wrote:

I work for a non profit organization that could GREATLY benefit from
donated worms! Could you please contact me for more info? Or send my
contact info to someone who might help?
Thanks so much!

I asked Kristine if it was ok to post this on the Share Board and she encouraged me to do so, mentioning that if anyone DOES have worms they can donate, they should contact:

Monica Jeske
Education Manager
Friends of Boerner Botanical Gardens

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