Dry DIY Worm Food Mix

I was hunting around for some worm food videos on YouTube today and found this interesting one posted by “RobBob’s Backyardfarming“.

This definitely makes me want to test out some old flour (and other grain-based materials) as worm food. I’m very curious to see if it attracts fewer (non-worm) critters than something like chick starter feed or worm chow.

Might be a handy food mix to use for the “Tiny Tub Two Worm Challenge“!

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    • Scott
    • January 13, 2015

    I have been using something similar. Whole oatmeal, powdered milk, wheat flower, ground alfalfa pellets and crushed oyster shell. I give a healthy handfull and cover it with a piece of cardboard that covers the entire top of the bed. The worms (EF) devour all of it within 24 hours and they are covering the bed surface under the cardboard. I find no extra critters drawn to this food.

    • John Duffy
    • January 15, 2015

    “waste not, want not” Looks like the worms liked it. Thanks for sharing!

    • Jeanne O'Neal
    • January 16, 2015

    I have done this in the past and it works well enough unless you use too much and it ferments. Almost any starch will if the conditions are right. Needless to say, all (and I mean all) of my worms headed for the high country and I had to pull them off the lid and floor and stand for days until l I got their house clean. Be careful!

    • Deirdre
    • January 31, 2015

    I was wondering if I could use the pages of my paperback books; you know those “cheesy” romance novels LOL I have a ton of them.
    It is for my redworms

    Thank you

    • andrew
    • February 3, 2020

    can i give composting worm expired yogurt ? will it stink ? will they like it ? since yogurt is full of microb.. but a bit sour..


    • Bentley
    • February 10, 2020

    Hi Andrew – technically YES you could if you mixed it with the right things, but it would be a bit challenging to avoid bad odors. I did some experimentation with yogurt, hardwood stove pellets, poultry feed, and living materials – I was able to create a nice food mix without any bad odors. Key was to make sure the yogurt was diluted well with water and that the rest of the mix made up a major proportion of total volume.

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