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Hi everyone. I hate to write this post, but I think it’s important that I do.
It seems that the server where ‘Compost Guy’ and Jeff’s ‘Friendly Worm Guy’ reside may have been compromised. I tried to visit Compost Guy this morning and was asked to download a file. I of course refused, and was not able to view the site. Same goes for Friendly Worm Guy (I offered to provide Jeff with some webspace, aside from helping him with the site).

I’ve removed the links to those sites from the sidebar for the time being, and once this has been resolved I will almost certainly be closing down that hosting account (this is not the first time I’ve been disappointed with the reliability of that provider).

I’m very thankful that I’ve hosted Red Worm Composting elsewhere (I’ve had ZERO issues with the other company for more than 3 years now)!

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, especially Jeff (since our websites were also down for a good chunk of time late last week). I can at least rest a little easier given the fact that I’m not charging him anything, but this is still not something that is fun to deal with.

OK, so once again (so there are no misunderstanding), Red Worm Composting is 100% fine – no need to panic about visiting this site! 😆
But I wouldn’t recommend visiting Compost Guy or Friendly Worm Guy (sorry once again, Jeff!).

I will keep everyone posted, and the links will be reinstated once all this nonsense is resolved.


On a more positive note, this (potential) security issue has provided me with a good opportunity to add a new category to the blog (‘Web Stuff’). This will be a good place for me to post any technical web info that might help make your experience here on the site that much easier and more enjoyable (there are some features I’ve been wanting to make mention of) along with any other non-worm-related web stuff in general, as I feel the need.

On another positive note, hopefully everyone has had a chance to check out our interview with Tom Herlihy!

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