Winter Vermicomposting-12-09-11

I finally decided to finish off my winter vermicomposting bed yesterday afternoon (while my WF-360 was having a “time-out” on the deck – haha) – good thing, too! It ended up snowing quite a bit overnight and this morning.

As you can see, the design is a wee bit different from my usual “worm composting windrows”. Our street was torn up this fall for water main work, and they ended up yanking out a couple of nice railway ties that bordered the entrance to my driveway. I can’t say I was too pleased, initially, to still see them sitting on my driveway when all the work was complete – but it certainly didn’t take me long to come up with a way to put them to good use!

One of the things I found annoying about the windrow beds was their tendency to be messy – it was very easy for materials to fall out while doing any work with them. The ties will serve as a nice retaining wall, making it easier to keep things tidy. I’m confident they will also add some insulation value as well!

The first thing I did was stuff the space between the ties and the windrow with fall leaves.

I then moved back the upper layer of straw and removed a substantial quantity of wormy material from the bed for the purpose of re-stocking the shelving-unit-worm-beds in my basement.

Next, I added a decent quantity of food scraps, along with some leftover squash etc (chopped up) from the garden, before dumping in the older material from my indoor bins and covering with a thick layer of fall leaves.

Lastly, I topped everything off with a nice thick layer of straw…

…before securing my trusty winter windrow tarp over top! (shown in first image above)

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    • Steve L.
    • December 10, 2011

    Nice place for worms during the winter. Worms really love lots of leaves and an outdoor pile, don’t they? Good exercise too building all that! Have a nice holiday season Bentley.

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