European Nightcrawler Bin Video

Those of you who follow the Compost Guy website at all may have caught my mention of the fact that I recently discovered that my digital camera has decent video capabilities – not super high definition or anything, but at least functional!

I’m pretty excited about this since it means I can create short videos much more easily now. My video production plans have been stalled for awhile now simply based on the fact that it takes so long to put together a powerpoint video using still shots (although there are some advantages to this approach, and I do still have plans to make at least one more of those). Shooting actual footage is great for providing people with a much better idea of what I’m talking about (i.e. it is easier to demonstrate something) – although, as you can see my video shooting skills need a little work!

It will also give me the ability to provide some audio commentary as well, which will also be helpful! Again, this video is definitely not a good indication of the entertainment value of my commentary – haha! I do actually get fired up about this stuff – honest!

Anyway – just wanted to let everyone know! I promise I will get better at making these videos. Let me know if there is anything specific topic area you would like to see covered.

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