Worm Business Podcast #2

As promised, here is the second installment in my “Tiny Worm Business With BIG Potential” series. I highly recommend you listen to the first installment (and/or read the companion report) if you have not already done so, since these will help to lay the groundwork for the content covered in this podcast (there is no written version for this one – but I will likely add more info to the other report over time).

The Worm Profits course has now launched – and as I type this you can still take advantage of some steep launch price discounts. I am rolling out all the various components of the course over the next couple of weeks, but there is already a considerable amount available inside the member’s area.

In this podcast I review some of the key concepts presented in in the first program (covering some areas not previously discussed). I also answer some great questions that came in – and then wrap things up with a bit more information about the Worm Profits course itself.

NOTE: If the audio player does not appear below, make sure to refresh the page. The MP3 can be downloaded by clicking on the blue “download” button – this file can then be added to iTunes (and uploaded to iPhones, iPods, iPads etc) or uploaded to various other mobile devices for listening.

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