Worm Power Grows by 800%!

Business is BOOMING for my good friends at Worm Power, and I like to think that this bodes well for the vermicomposting industry in general. Some of you may recall that I interviewed Tom Herlihy (president) a couple of years ago (see “Interview With Tom Herlihy – Worm Power“), and actually predicted at the time that Tom’s success would only continue to grow (Nostradamus, look out!!! haha).

Shawn Ferro (from WP) dropped me an email this morning to let me know about a recent article (and video) published on a Rochester news website, and I highly recommend you check it out! Really fascinating stuff!

Here is an excerpt:

Worm Power’s millions of workers just do what comes naturally to produce their product.

“They’re Darwin’s favorite organisms,” said Tom Herlihy, president of Worm Power. “His first and last books were about earthworms.”

Eight million of them are working for Herlihy. Following his eight-fold expansion of Worm Power this year, he expects to employ many millions more worms.

What do they produce? They make vermicompost, an all organic super fertilizer. The Avon facility is the only place where it is being produced by this system, on this scale.

Worm Power is expanding right across the street from Coyne Dairy for a reason.

Cows are known for producing milk and another by-product which can be a steaming pile of problems for farmers. One cow produces 120 pounds of manure each day, so the 1,000 cows at Coyne Dairy can put out 120,000 pounds a day.

Be sure to check out the full article here: Worm Power in Avon Expands 800 Percent

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