Vermicompost and the Valentine’s Day Philodendron

In my most recent “Worm Inn Overfeeding Challenge” post, I mentioned that I started putting the newly harvested vermicompost (from the Worm Inn) to good use right away. As you will see in this video, my first fun test will simply be to see if I can nurse a philodendron plant back to good health. You can probably gather from the title of this post that there is a bit of a backstory here, so that kinda makes it a bit more fun!

One of the REAL turning points for me with this hobby came fairly early on, when I made my first vermicompost harvest (simply digging some of the material out of the bin I was using) and added it to the pot of a small Monstera plant (closely related to this philodendron in the video). I was completely floored by the results – the plant truly started living up to its name, and just took off like a shot. Based on what I had read about worm composting (and specifically, vermicompost), I was certainly expecting decent results – but it definitely exceeded my expectations.

SO, I am quite eager to see if there will be a similar result with this plant!

Apart from likely doing a video update at some point, I thought it would be cool to take pictures of the plant on a regular basis (as often as I can remember). This morning I took my first set of shots (included one below), using a cardboard box back-drop as a frame of reference. The plant has already perked up quite a bit, but that’s to be expected after a good watering and switch to a bigger pot. I’ll be interested to see how it looks in a month or more.

Philodendron Day 1

Once the weather warms up a bit, I plan to do some real tests with the vermicompost I am harvesting from my Worm Inn, to see how different plants respond to it, and what sort of differences there are (if any) with control plants (those that don’t receive vermicompost). I’ll talk more about those experiments fairly soon!

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Worm Inn Journal-04-09-10


    • Nic
    • April 9, 2010

    i am doing next years’ science fair project on how the precentages of castings/vermicompost effects the growth of tomato plants. i have 0%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, and 50%. when i finish in 0ctober/november, would you like to know the results of the 2 trials?

    • Bentley
    • April 9, 2010

    But of course, Nic!
    Keep us posted for sure.
    Sounds like a great experiment!

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