Flyer Worms

I’m pretty familiar the tendency of Red Worms to gravitate towards moist paper-based materials in a vermicomposting system – such as corrugated cardboard and newsprint – but I must say that I was shocked by the number of wigglers I recently found in the middle of an old stack of flyers that somehow ended up in one of outdoor my worm beds! Wow!

During drier weather I’m sure moisture is a big factor, since paper and cardboard often stay moist longer than some other materials – but since it’s been really wet recently, I’m wondering if it might have more to do with cold temperatures (as mentioned in another post, it’s been an unusually cold spring).

Whatever the case, it certainly makes me want to experiment a bit! Maybe it will help me come up with the ultimate “worm trap”! haha

Anyway – just thought I’d share that! I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted.

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  1. I have often use wet shredded newsprint or wet straw to attract worms when I want to harvest them. They always seem to congregate there and are easy to get out of the straw or newsprint.

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