Red Worms Love Alpaca Manure!

Red Worms Love Alpaca Manure

Ok, so I don’t really think I’m going to blow anyone’s mind with that headline! It’s not like I was trying to get the worms to eat nuclear waste or something!

Just thought I would write a quick update to let everyone know that my suspicions have been confirmed – Red Worms do indeed seem to LOVE this material. And it’s a good thing too, since I just got a bunch more bags of the stuff!

It does seem to take a number of days before the worms are REALLY all over it, but that is certainly understandable given the fact that it is reasonably new material – and as such, has not really been exposed to the elements the way most of the aged horse manure I use has been.

Anyway – I’ll continue to experiment with the alpaca poop, and will of course keep everyone updated on my findings.

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  1. I have heard that one of the benefits of alpaca compost is the lack of seeds. Can you confirm or expand on this. Currently, my alpacas eat hay, pasture grass and grain, after their manure is composted, should it be free from seeds? Also, if I want to produce the compost as “Organic” what would the regulations be. I looked into OMRI and I was only able to find info on thermal composting requirements.


    • Bentley
    • September 3, 2010

    Hi Steve,
    I would suspect that alpaca manure would certainly have less weed seed than horse manure, but HOW weed-seed-free it would be (sheesh – sounds like Dr. Seuss – lol) I’m not really sure.
    Good question on the “organic” front. I’m really not sure – you should definitely talk to someone who has actually gone this route. I seem to recall seeing an OMRI banner on the Vermitechnology Unlimited website, but not sure if they will provide you with an answer.

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