Worm Inn Mega – 12-09-16

Today I finally got my (ragged, old) Worm Inn Mega system up and running! Be sure to check out the very first blog post in the series if you are just joining us.

Of course…in true Compost Guy style…since my last update, I have managed to end up with a serious fruit fly & gnat infestation in my basement. I brought in a bunch of material from my outdoor beds – including some rotten pumpkin from Halloween – and added it to my VermBin48 system.

I guess there were a few fly/gnats eggs in there!

(If you watched the last video you will know that I am operating, initially, without the zippered mesh lid – easily one of the most advantageous features of the Worm Inn)

Never a dull moment around here!

Bottom-line, I need to be careful early on. I am walking a fine line this time around (remember…this Mega ended up in my shed! LoL ), so I don’t want to let things get out of hand.

With plenty of bedding + my “Easy Worm Mix” (Red Worms plus lots of “living material“) and a little food, the worms will be JUST FINE for quite some time.

OK, so let’s chat about this particular project, and some other fun stuff…

This time around I have decided to use a somewhat different bedding material: “scrunched” paper. I explain WHY I am interested in testing this material out in the video.

Once things get rolling and the system is humming along (ideally, once I have installed a new mesh lid), I will also be attempting to process ALL of our compostable scraps.

And we produce a LOT!

Fun With Worm Inns

Another twist this time around is that I have decided to set up a new Worm Inn project on the “Gumroad” platform, so all of you can easily follow along. It will also be a great opportunity for those unfamiliar with Worm Inns to learn more about this system.

I am JUST getting started as I type this, but if you are interested, please visit WormInnFun.com and sign up for the “Fun With Worm Inns” project.

The video below explains how all of this will work.

Do stay tuned! Lots more to come.

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