Worm Inn Mega 2.0


It’s been a busy week, but I definitely wanted at least write a short post, letting everyone know that my dad and I built the new wooden stand for the Worm Inn Mega!

I was “happy” (and pleasanly surprised) with the PVC stand. I am ansolutely ECSTATIC about the new wooden stand! What a difference. Wow.

Don’t worry – I will definitely be writing a full post all about cleaning out the system, building the stand etc etc – but you’ll likely need to wait until sometime next week for that one.
Stay tuned!

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    • Paul from Winnipeg
    • May 23, 2014

    Can’t wait Bentley! I’ve bumped into my pvc stand a few too many times and will watch with interest. I’ve got scrap 2×4 lumber around just waiting to be put to use.

    • John Duffy
    • May 23, 2014

    That should easily support a few hundred pounds.Looks good!

    • Jason
    • May 26, 2014

    What size of drill bit did you use to make for the holes to put the straps, that connect to the u-bolts, through?

    I have my wood and screws and bought two bits, a 5/8 and a 3/4. I’ll take your lead and return the other.

    Your stand looks awesome.

    • Bentley
    • May 26, 2014

    PAUL – sounds good. I still need to come up with dimensions for a regular Worm Inn stand – but it should be fairly similar.
    JOHN – yeah, I’d guess that the straps would give out long before the stand itself. Very sturdy.
    JASON – glad you popped by. Have been meaning to share a few key details about the stand before I manage to get the blog post up. For starters, we ended up going with spruce – it was FAR cheaper than pine for some reason. The wood actually ended up being cheaper than the screws! LOL The hole cutter bit I used was 1/2″ – Blake suggests 1.5″ if I remember correctly. We had no issues getting the loops through the holes (just fold and push through). She also suggests having the 22″ boards overlap the 20″ boards at the corners. I personally felt that this would leave us with a fairly loose hang of the system. To compensate for this I decided to only extend the 22″ boards to the edge of the 2×4 uprights instead (if you are not sure what I am talking about, feel free to email me or wait for the blog post – I will show some images). This was perfect for my used Mega. It was a wee bit tight for a brand new Mega I tried as well, but still worked fine (I will actually be setting up another Mega and building another stand so I’ll actually be able to test out further).

  1. We built one for our Mega using 1″ lumber, same design… Farm materials on hand. Totally agreed the wooden stand gets rid of a huge fear factor.

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