November 2012

Crazy Q&A Podcast – Session #1

As mentioned in my recent Vermivember audio, my plan is to create some more “unofficial” podcasts this month before getting set up on iTunes (etc).

Most of these podcasts are going to be part of my “Crazy Q&A” series. Rather than selecting a specific topic to talk about, I thought it would be fun/helpful/interesting if I responded directly to as many “burning questions” as I can in about 30 minutes.

As I discovered today, it’s NOT easy to answer lots of questions in 30 minutes! lol

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Vermivember – a Month to Remember!

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[UPDATE: Public access to the Vermivember e-mail list is no longer available. Feel free to drop me a line if you still want to get on the list and/or learn more about my upcoming course (to launch on Nov. 30, 2012)]

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