November 2012

The Worm Tea vs Leachate Conundrum

Something that seems to come up over and over and over (and over) again in e-mails I receive is this idea of removing “worm tea” from the bottom of a vermicomposting system. It just so happens that I was having my cartoon guy work on a “Hamlet Tries Vermicomposting” funny for me, so I thought WHAT BETTER TIME to put together a mini podcast on the topic.

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The Vermi-Humor Challenge

Those who have followed the blog for any length of time will know that I enjoy goofing around…a LOT. Perhaps my sense of humor is a little “out there” or excessive for some people’s tastes, but I’m hopeful that (for those who stick around – lol) my relentless shenanigans at least serve as a reminder that we should always look on the light/bright side of life.

As such, I thought it might be fun to (more…)

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Super-Mutant Fruit Flies on Steroids!

Scuttle Fly

I recently mentioned that I’ve been having a bit of a pesky fly situation in my indoor worm bins – which has led me to take a cautious approach with my new VB48. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out what type of fly I had – but I knew they were something I hadn’t encountered before. For one thing, I was finding them all over the place – including our kitty litter boxes! But, they also exhibited some weird behavior.

They reminded me of giant fruit flies (Drosophila sp., that is ) – yet they seemed to do more running around than flying. I also couldn’t seem to trap them in my cider traps. Finally, late last week I figured out what they are… (more…)

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Crazy Q&A Podcast – Session #2

Ok – time for yet another “Crazy Q&A” podcast. Believe it or not, I actually have one more beyond this one already finished (I’ll post it sometime next week).

I’m really enjoying these so far since it seems to be and easy/fast way to respond to your questions – while also providing a bit more of a personalized approach.

Topics I Touched On

– More on hot-weather vermicomposting
– More on flying pests and general troubleshooting
– Kitty litter vermicomposting
– Precomposting prior to vermicomposting
– Warning signs of system decline / general system maintenance
– Vermicomposting pet hair
– “Ideal” temperature and moisture content
– Other bin materials (aside from plastic)

Hope you enjoy it!

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The Beast-11-08-12

I’ve decided to call my VermBin48 “The Beast” (yep, I’m that cool! Even cooler when you consider the fact that “The Beast” is decorated with a rainbow of pastel colors). As I may have mentioned in my last VB48 post, this is the largest indoor system I’ve worked with, and I think it might have the potential to get a little unruly or even out of control if I’m not careful!

Part of the reason I’ve been dragging my feet a little in terms of getting the system up and running is that I’ve been dealing with a new (and somewhat frustrating) fly pest in my indoor bins. The last thing I would want to have happen is for the new VB48 to become infested with these things before I even get the chance to stock it with worms!

The show must go on, though – so yesterday I (more…)

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Stacking Bin Euros-11-07-12

When I checked on my plastic “follow-along” bin yesterday, I decided it was a good time to also check on my WF-360 Euro system.

As mentioned in the plastic bin update, I’ve ended up with a bit of a fly situation down in my basement this fall so I’ve been very cautious with feeding (and really haven’t done much at all for the last couple of months). I wasn’t too surprised, then, to see that the level of material in the bin had dropped a fair bit, and that the bedding down below looked fairly well-processed.

What DID however surprise me was (more…)

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Plastic Worm Bin-11-06-12

Just for fun I decided to check on my plastic worm bin (set up for the “follow-along”) today. I haven’t been feeding it – or any other of my indoor bins – for quite some time due to the presence of a really pesky fly species (hoping to write more about that fairly soon). The picture above says it all!

Of course, the worms have just continued on their merry way – doing that thing they do. As you might imagine (and as you can basically SEE) (more…)

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