August 2015

A Tale of 3 Worm Inns?

My good friend (and WFA member), Steve Bichlmeier sent me an email last week sharing some info about his testing with different kinds of composting worms in his Worm Inn Mega systems. It sounded like a really interesting project overall, so I asked Steve if he’d be willing to share his updates here on the blog.

I’ll leave you to guess what he said!


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Vermigardening – 8-12-15

It’s been about three and a half weeks since I posted any sort of vermigardening update, so I figured I’d make this one a bit of a combo deal, and provide updates for both the hay bale vermigardening and the deep mulch projects.

Hay Bale Vermigardening

After an extended period of pretty dismal results (as compared to the results from my vermigardening efforts in previous seasons), it feels like we’re finally starting to “turn the corner” a bit with the hale bale beds.

There are likely a number of factors at work here.


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2 Acre Low-Maintenance Castings & Bait Worm Operation?

I received an interesting e-mail (and follow-up with more details) from Tim S. It seemed like the sort of topic others would find interesting, and Tim seemed to be hoping for a pretty in-depth response…

…so I decided it would be a good opp to create a mini-podcast of sorts.

Here is his original question:

I have a question about sheet composting with shredded leaves in a field. Are there any reasons that a 12-18 inch layer spread over 2 acres wouldn’t produce a good casting after screening it? What are the drawbacks to a low maintenance system like this? Is it really necessary to keep adding food? Thanks!

Along with some additional (more…)

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