June 2017

Vermicomposting Planter

Teaser shot of the new vermicomposting planter design Brian and I came up with.

If you are on the RWC e-mail list, you will likely know that I have some fun vermi-gardening projects planned for this year. One such project involves the creation of a “vermicomposting planter” with the help of my good friend Brian Donaldson (one of the admins for the RWC Facebook Group).

I have certainly worked with various forms of integrated vermigardening systems (basically systems that combine vermicomposting with plant growing) – eg. vermicomposting trenches, various types of worm tower, vermi-mulch beds etc etc – but the planter idea is something I’ve really wanted to try for quite some time (and it’s likely been the building aspect that has held me back from actually moving ahead with it).

I really like the overall concept and simplicity of (more…)

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Biggest Euro Competition Update

It’s been a little while since I first mentioned plans to have a Euro-growing competition with Larry Shier (after he challenged me), so some of you may be wondering what is going on with that.

What’s funny is that for all the excitement and smack talk, neither Larry nor myself were actually ready to kick off the challenge! lol

Yes we both have Euros, but they’ve been neglected a bit – and there are Reds mixed in with them – so we had to make absolutely sure we were starting with the correct worms (Euros tend to look at lot more like Reds when they are neglected). 😉

[UPDATE: Larry doesn’t actually have Reds mixed in. He had them in a “Paley System“, so they were very small, and their maturity difficult to assess.]

I decided to add (more…)

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