November 2019

10 Worm Population Growth Challenge

Most long-term readers of this site will know that the topic of Red Worm population growth is something I’m keenly interested in.

It all started with the original “Four Worm Reproduction Experiment” (and the “Part Deux” sequel – lol).

Next, I decided to tackle the question of “Will a Red Worm Population Double in 3 Months?” by doing some number crunching with population growth stats shared by my good friend George Mingin. (Spoiler Alert – under the right circumstances, a Red Worm population should be expected to expand MUCH more quickly than simply doubling every 90, or even 60 days).

Late last year (and early into 2019) a cocoon-production experiment evolved into yet another “4 Worm” population growth trial. As was the case with the other experiments, I wasn’t able to do quite as much with it as I’d originally hoped – but given the fact that (on average) I already had more than (more…)

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Breathable Bucket System #2

Back at the end of October, I posted an update for my breathable bucket vermicomposting system (see “Breathable Bucket Bin – 10-31-19“) – making it very clear just how impressed I was with it.

We shall see how things look in a couple of months, but my inner optimist has me thinking this may very well end up being my new go-to DIY indoor system approach (sorry, Roughneck Totes).

In the meantime, my plan is to set up a mini fleet of these things so I can really put them to the test!

This morning I decided to set up breathable bucket #2 using (more…)

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