5000 Facebook Fan Fest Reminder

Just wanted to quickly remind everyone that we will be down to 6 votes as of November 1st. If you have not yet submitted your entry for the 5000 Facebook Fan Fest, you may want to do so before then.

P.S. The baby is still procrastinating!

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    • Matt
    • November 1, 2010

    Since I don’t do facebook… stubborn I guess…

    Almost sounds like babies not wanting to come out 😀

    I have done baby pools though!

    • Bentley
    • November 1, 2010

    You are more than welcome to still submit 6 guesses, Matt (now that we’ve hit Nov 1) – no need to be a member of Facebook.
    To all those who DO plan to submit entries – please don’t forget to do so via email, first and foremost, and via a comment on the original 5000 Facebook Fan Fest blog post (linked to above) if you feel like sharing.

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